I Want To Like This: Podcast #42, “West World” with Martin “Littlekuriboh” Billany

Martin “Littlekuriboh” Billany joins Thomas on the podcast today via Skype! Martin is a10959503_771787739565485_4120376682509156419_n Britist voice actor who started his career making a youtube parady series of the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! He has since on his channel created content commenting on entertainment, one of which is “The Mark Remark” a youtube show about professional wrestling. Prowrestling and anime? It is easy to see why Martin and Thomas get along. Martin is a lver of great storytelling so it makes sense that he would want to watch and discuss the HBO Drama “West World”. The Sci-fi western series has received a lot of praise since its debute, and Martin agrees with a lot of it. He also has somethings he thinks it lacks, which makes this a conversation and not just an hour of praising something.

If you would like more of Martin you should check him out on TWITTER, his YOUTUBE, or at TeamFourStar! Or if you are looking to employ the talents of Martin Billany, find booking info HERE.

Thank you to Captian Wails and The Harpons for the theme song “Bury My Baby”. Find them at captainwails.com

DISCLAIMER!: Again, this was recorded over Skype and there were a couple of network issues. But overall, this was a fun first step to being able to reach out to more guests from areas outside my small corner of the world.

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