I Want To Like This: Podcast #40, “Pacific Rim” with Nick Sharp

This weekes podcast sees the return of Nick Sharp; comedian, podcaster, and nerd. Nick is here to talk to Thomas about the 2013 masterpiece that is “Pacific Rim”. Which unlike Nick’s experience with the film adaption of “Dragon Ball” (which you can listen to here) he really likes. But what is not to like? Great cast, fun action, Guillermo del Toro’s flare for creative monsters, clever giant robot designs, and like all of Mr. del Toro’s films a nice bit of humor. It is easy to see that while this film is not an academy darling it is easily a lot of fun. And we thank Nick for spare what little time he could to make this abridged episode happen.

If you would like to find more of Nick Sharp, check out his One Sharp Podcast, or find him on Twitter!

Thank you to Captian Wails and The Harpons for the theme song “Bury My Baby”. Find them at captainwails.com

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