I Want To Like This: Podcast Episode 25, “SuckerPunch” with Thomas Sinclair

Yes Listeners, this is another guest hosted episode in which I get to talk about something that meets the podcast criteria for me. This was recorded a year ago with former podcast producer Jerry Gossen sitting in the host seat to talk to me about another Zack Snyder film, “SuckerPunch”. And I will let it speak for itself.

Except to say that I have watched “300” and “Watchmen” again since this recording and find even less good in them than before. “300” is not slightly offensive as previously stated, it is horribly so. Especially in its portrayal of Muslims, and women.

Thank you to Captian Wails and The Harpons for the theme song “Bury My Baby”. Find them at captainwails.com

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