Autumn Navigation: A Prelude

This week marks the first of many departures for me. I am getting ready to leave the Midwest for the west coast, via bicycle.  So on Friday I leave Clinton, IL (where I have resided the last 6 months while helping friends with somethings) for my hometown of Rockford, IL where I will clear things up before my journey west.

This is not the first time I will make such a trek mind you. Last yea10256929_10155377415335711_8963138582226863394_nr I rode my then Trek bicycle from Chicago to New Orleans Louisiana, with the intent of going to heading west afterward. However that was not to be, as the night of my arrival in New Orleans my bike was stolen. Stranded and a little depressed, I headed home. What followed was a year wrought with depression and trying to rebuild. Part of that rebuilding included making I Want To Like This. All the while I have had the memory of how it felt to be traveling cross country on my bike, and a desire to still make it to the west coast.

So with those ideas in my head, I have been making my plans for this Autumn. Reviewing my last trip and the things I came up against I started researching for this coming one. Which included setting a date, September 5th, and explaining to people that I would attempt another cross country journey by bike again. One of these was harder than the other, as I was confronted by “Why would you want to do that to yourself again. You don’t have to.” Well, I am not doing anything to myself. I am doing this for myself, and yes I do have to do this. This last year has had a lot of set backs and personal growth for myself, but the one thing that always bothers me is that I did not make it to California. That I let the act of my bike and some equipment being stolen turn me around. I quit on myself momentarily, and I will not do so again. I do not know what will happen in California. I may get there and hate it. I may come back home. But, I will make it there.

I will be dedicating a blog post a week to this journey and I invite you all to come along for the ride.

Till next week,

T. Sinclair.

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