I Want To Like This: Podcast Episode 22, “Watchmen” with Nick Izumi

Nick Izumi is BACK! Yes, this week my repeat guest and I sit down to talk  Zack Snyder’s first attempt to tackle comic book movies. So I sat down with Nick Izumi, and Rena Innocenti joined in, to talk about our love for a great comic, what Mr. Snyder managed to do with the film, and where he fell flat. It is always an enjoyable time for me when I sit down with these two.

Find more of Nick Izumi on Twitter, at Nerd & Tie, and of course his Youtube Channel The Nick Izumi Show!

Also Rena Innocenti cna be found on Twitter, on DeviantArt, on Tumblr, and Facebook.

Thank you to Captian Wails and The Harpons for the theme song “Bury My Baby”. Find them at captainwails.com

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