Things You Would Love, if it Was Not for the Fandom.

We live in the midst of a nerd renaissance. Film, TV, and online franchises of our favorite beloved characters and brands are mainstream hits treated with respect, and nostalgia reigns supreme. With said nostalgia came a lot of reboots, and people complaining about ruined childhoods. But, this is not a rant about how it is impossible to taint something you loved by making something new. This is about how groups of people can be so obnoxious in their fandom that they make their object of affection un-enjoyable.

I have been in love with many a series of anime of sci-fi in my life time and the one thing I learned early on is no one will enjoy the things you won’t shut up about. So, SHUT UP. I love that you have a fandom and that you can talk to other fans about it and enjoy a community. However, you have to learn when to not over talk about it when you want to get others involved. Many a anime has been put on my “I Will Never Watch” list, merely because I worked 8 conventions in a row were the series fandom were obnoxious shits at my friend’s booth. Yes, I asked about your cosplay because I had not seen the character before. No, that is not an invitation to prattle on about how your new favorite thing is the best thing that has ever been. By the way, it probably is not. Also, when you are combative about your fandom’s superiority I do not only wish to not watch your show/movie, I do not want to speak to you.Your excitement is only infectious when it doesn’t feel like a religious zealot knocking at my door at 9am on a Saturday. Calm down, and learn that you are not the only authority on what is awesome in the world, and it is perfectly cool that you are not. Why does it matter if someone doesn’t share the same opinion as you on a piece of entertainment? Does it somehow effect how much you can enjoy it?

To the fan who knows to leave their commentsat “It is my favorite.” or “You should look it up if ____ is your kind of thing.” this is not about you. You are the crown jewel of fandoms, who understand that they are a unique individual, whose tastes do not always align with others. You keep being the friendly fan who holds the door open for would be ones if they ask to come in, and the person who nods with acceptance to those who walk on by.

I love being a nerd, but labeling myself does not mean I have to watch or like everythinSSPX0076g in the Nerd spectrum. I don’t have the time in my life to ingest that much content, let alone be blank enough of a slate to like everything that has been fed to me. I like what I like,
dislike what I dislike, and venture into new things when something catches my eye. If you would like your thing to be one of those, don’t be a tactless dolt about how you present it.

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